A private cellar for serious fine wine collectors.

Where’s the safest place to keep your wine collection?

In prison, of course – The Robb Report

Melbourne’s Pentridge Cellars has transformed Coburg’s historic prison precinct into a private cellar for serious fine wine collectors.

Cells in Pentridge’s D-Division are hosting some unusual inmates these days. The historic prison precinct has shifted its focus to keeping fine wine under lock and key, as part of the development of Pentridge Cellars.

Owned by self-confessed wine enthusiasts Paul Tardivel and Michael Woodworth, the development offers a limited release of private cellars for those keen for a unique way to save their favourite drops.

The private wine cellars will be equipped with racking, temperature control, ambient lighting and security, including CCTV.

There’s also the option of custom finishes and features for each owner’s exclusive space.

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