Wine is history bottled. Just like the wines we love, Pentridge Cellars preserves the most beautiful features of the iconic D Division building, using the best modern technology and materials. Located in the heart in Coburg’s landmark Pentridge precinct, our limited-release cellars have been designed with luxury and security in mind.


Convenience and security

With individual swipe cards and 24/7 security monitoring, you can enjoy your growing collection with confidence. All-hours access for cellar owners means your collection is available to you (and only you) at your convenience.



The perfect environment

Housed within the cool bluestone walls of Pentridge, our cellars are naturally suited to wine storage. Your cellar will also be fitted with the latest climate control technology, ensuring your collection is safe from the elements.



Custom design

Whether you have masses of merlot, stacks of semillon, or a medley of fine wines and champagnes, our cellars can be customised to suit your storage needs. Wall-to-wall racks or some room for a tasting table? The choice is yours.



Bespoke for your collection

Choose from a range of bespoke features and finishes, including a range of fine finished timbers, and create the cellar experience you always dreamed of.



For wine lovers, by wine lovers

At Pentridge Cellars, we too are lovers of fine wine. We know how to create a truly exceptional experience for you because we’ve measured it against our own standards first.